12 ways to help others in Central Florida this holiday season

The holidays are a time when many of us are filled with little extra joy and goodwill. Maybe you want to help others but aren’t sure how.  That’s why, each year at this time, I reach out to nonprofit leaders throughout Central Florida for suggestions on how you can make a difference — in ways that will last well beyond Christmas.  Some require only a few minutes or a few dollars. Others are more substantial, but can make more of an impact. See what fires up your yuletide spirit.
What better way to instill the value of volunteerism in your kids than by doing it alongside them? United Against Poverty, a job-training and food-assistance charity in downtown Orlando, makes that easy with family volunteer nights (www.UPOrlando.org/volunteer). Families can sort groceries in UP’s low-cost grocery store, which helps working parents whose paychecks don’t go far enough make ends meet.
DEC 02, 2021  5:32 AM
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