While our world has undoubtedly changed, our commitment to the community has remained the same. We are proud to continue to provide uninterrupted program offerings at our UP Center locations. Please note that face coverings are required at all times. Now more than ever, we are deeply grateful for your support.

UP Orlando Capacity For Dignity

Dignity Is More Important To The Human Spirit Than Wealth.

UP Poverty Doesn't Vacation

Donate To The Campaign of Your Choice:

Florida’s busiest social service organization, United Against Poverty, is raising emergency funds for three major operational needs of our facilities aimed at improving conditions and preserving the dignity of our members.

UP Orlando Capacity For Dignity - Carts
Help Purchase 90 Shopping Carts: Donate For Carts   of $20,000
Current Carts Situation:
200 Grocery Carts Have Been "Borrowed" From Grocery Center & Never Returned.
Daily Challenges:
  • Only 29 Carts Remain
  • Previous Cart Donors Are No Longer In Business
  • Families Struggling To Find Carts When Visiting The UP Orlando Member Share Grocery Program
The Solution:
Need To Raise $20,000 to purchase 90 Carts With Theft Prevention Features In Order To Provide Families With Adequate Carts & Reduce Future Cart Losses.
UP Orlando Capacity For Dignity - Coolers
Help Purchase 18 Produce Coolers: Donate For Coolers   of $60,000
Current Coolers Situation:
All 18 Produce & Dairy Coolers Consistantly Fail & Are In Need of Constant Repair.
Daily Challenges:
  • Families Rely Heavily on Our Ability To Provide Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, and Cheeses. When A Cooler Goes Down, Families Have Less Access To Necessary Food Options
  • When Coolers Go Down, Food Must Be Discarded
  • More Costly To Repair & Maintain Old Coolers Than It Costs To Replace Them
The Solution:
Need To Raise $60,000 to Purchase New Coolers Immediately.
UP Orlando Capacity For Dignity - Cars
Help Increase Parking Capacity: Donate For Cars   of $385,000
Current Parking Lot Situation:
Our Current Parking Lot has 90 spaces. Due to increased demand, we need to expand to 202 spaces.
Daily Challenges:
  • Many Of Our Members Are Unable To Access Our Services Because We Have Few Parking Spaces Available
  • We need Additional Handicapped Parking To Serve Our Elderly And Disabled Members
  • As An One-Stop-Shop For Our Clients, We Need Additional Parking For Our Collaborative Partners
The Solution:
Need To Raise $385,000 to purchase adjacent lot to increase parking capacity.

Florida’s Busiest Social Service Organization Needs Your Help!

UP Orlando Capacity For Dignity - Cars

Growth In Traffic Is Causing More Wear On Facility Structures Than Ever Before

In the last year 10,213 new low-income (in some cases destitute) families have registered for programs offered at the Orlando United Against Poverty (UP) Center. The new influx in registrations this past year is more than the total of new registrations from the previous seven years combined. Due to the increased traffic through the center, our facility has taken the brunt of this influx.

UP Orlando Capacity For Dignity - Carts

Help Us Preserve The Dignity Of Families In Need By Donating Today!

Issues with parking are causing families to have to park off-site and walk long distances with their children and groceries in tow; issues with broken coolers are making less nutritionally-rich food available to struggling families who need a selection perishable food items such as milk, meat, and eggs; and, lastly, issues with missing shopping carts are forcing families to hover and stalk each other in the parking lot just to get a cart to hold their groceries.

In Appreciation of Your Gift

All gifts of $40 or more will receive an official UP Orlando T-Shirt.

All gifts of $100 or more will receive a commemorative replica grocery cart great for use as a desktop pen/pencil holder with a small plaque recognizing your campaign involvement.

A gift of $222 will purchase one grocery cart and we will have the name or message of your choice (up to 16 characters) etched into the handle.

A gift of $755 will help us replace one parking space of the 90 total we need. We will send you a t-shirt as well as have a local street artist paint a parking stop with the theme and/or name of your choice.

For a gift of $2,000 or more, we will send you and your family UP Orlando t-shirts and you will be underwriting the cost of one four foot wide six foot tall glass front cooler. We will etch the name or message (up to 58 characters) of your choice on the cooler you underwrite.