The Passport to Prosperity Program

Case Management and Mentoring

The Passport To Prosperity Program helps those in crisis or vulnerable housing situations stabilize their life and work towards self-sufficiency. Each program participant undergoes a formal intake process to assess their current situation. During their first day, the client meets one-on-one with a member of our Case Management Team and together they create a customized care plan. Their care plan is a step-by-step roadmap tailored to the immediate and long-term goals necessary for the participant to overcome their challenges, stabilize their life, lift themselves out of poverty and achieve economic self-sufficiency. Comprised of achievable action steps such as obtaining a driver’s license, writing a resume, completing an online class, creating a personal budget or meeting with a substance abuse or mental health counselor—just to name a few—each participant’s customized care plan helps guide them through the program. Utilizing our on-site classrooms, computer lab and training center, and through referrals to partnering nonprofit providers, program participants are provided with the curriculum, tools and resources necessary to achieve their action steps.

Incentives & Rewards For Participants

The Passport To Prosperity Program utilizes an incentivized point structure to reward participants and help ensure they return to campus for the continuation of the program. Once an action step is completed, the participant earns a stamp in their personal passport book and 10 points towards our voucher reward system. In addition to the individualized action steps outlined in their plan, additional points may be earned by volunteering on our campus or participating in our on-site life skills classes, which take place five times a day. These classes focus on subjects such as anger management, proper nutrition, resume writing, budgeting, personal finance and effective communication. For each 30-minute class completed, another stamp is made in their personal passport and an additional 2 points earned.

Passport participants may redeem their points for tiered incentives including a $5 food voucher (5 points), a 7-day bus pass (20 points) or a $50 gas card (50 points). Upon completion of their care plan, the participant becomes eligible for a larger incentive. They may choose to have their tuition payment covered for one of Orange Technical College’s Career Certification Programs, they may enroll at no cost in our on-site GED Preparation Course, or they may have the fees associated with the TABE test assessed by Orange County Public Schools waived.

Traditional Models Create a Cycle of Dependency

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Our Approach has an Exit Strategy

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