While our world has undoubtedly changed, our commitment to the community has remained the same. We are proud to continue to provide uninterrupted program offerings at our UP Center locations. Please note that face coverings are required at all times. Now more than ever, we are deeply grateful for your support.

How The Food Assistance Program Works

For those in need of emergency food assistance, we want to help ensure you have access to healthy, nutritious foods for as long as needed. We will begin by checking your eligibility for government assisted programs such as SNAP or Food Stamps. As a DCF self-service site, our staff and volunteers are trained to navigate the application process. Next, we are going to make sure you have a membership card to utilize the Member Share Grocery Program, where your SNAP or Food Stamp benefits can be used. We make sure all individuals and families who have completed this process have access to food for their next few meals by creating an emergency food bag tailored to their family needs. After a first time visit, case managers are empowered to provide additional food resources from our pantry or vouchers to our grocery program.  However, after a first visit, most families are enrolled in one of our programs where they can earn food, transportation assistance or even tuition assistance based on their participation level.

Most Useful Food Donations

Baby Food | Basic Feminine Hygiene Products | Bottled Water | Canned Fruit (pop top lid) | Cereal Bars | Canned Beans | Canned Potatoes| Canned Soup | Diapers | Ensure | Jams or Jellies | Oatmeal | Pasta | Peanut Butter | Rice | Small Boxed Cereal | Saltine Crackers | Tuna | Vienna Sausage For more information on helping UP Orlando keep our Emergency Food Pantry stocked, please visit our Food Drive page.

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