United Against Poverty: Orlando United Day

One year.

One painful year ago, on a night that was supposed to be filled with laughter, memories, and dancing, an unthinkable tragedy happened less than a mile away from our campus. June 12th marks the one year anniversary of the tragedy that shook Orlando, and this nation, so hard that an innumerable amount of people came together as one to help and honor our fallen neighbors.

Today we remember those that stepped up when the community needed it the most. At United Against Poverty, we remember all of the volunteers coming in and out of our doors all day, asking to help in any conceivable way. Everyone rolled up their sleeves to fight hate with love and compassion. To read about what happened at UP Orlando specifically, follow this link.

All those compassionate people donating their time, energy, and often even their blood, made a huge difference in healing a wounded community. Through the darkness came a gleam of light. For we are Orlando strong, and it was demonstrated that against all odds, when tested, our hearts among all will beat with one pulse.

It is because of this that we are honoring the 49 angels once more by participating in Orlando United Day. This volunteer day will highlight the lives of those lost. United Against Poverty is honored to continue on the memory of the innocent lives cut too short one year ago.

One Orlando Alliance is making June 12th the official Orlando United Day. It is an opportunity to remember the victims of the Pulse tragedy by giving back. Sign up to volunteer with us from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM here.

Thank you to those that volunteered with our organization last year at a time when you were needed the most. You can continue to make an impact and spread love throughout our community by volunteering to provide a hand up to those finding themselves in tough situations.

Love, compassion, and selflessness is all around Orlando. Let’s keep it going. #OrlandoUnited